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Can Dogs Eat Treats Covered in Hair?

“Can dogs really eat treats covered in hair – surely hair, or fur, can’t be eaten, so why are you selling dog treats covered in the stuff?”

This is a common reaction when people first see our range of hairy dog treats – so why feed these to your dogs?

Fur is actually undigestible, however, as the fur passes through the digestive tract it basically brushes the tract and helps to clear away food residue which can build up over time. This build-up of food residue, if left, can cause a sluggish digestive system and also cause discomfort.

As a result, with a cleaner digestive tract they are able to absord more nutirents from their food

This brushing action also acts as a natural dewormer by brushing away any worms or eggs in the digestive system.

You’ll also be pleased to know that giving them a furry treat every now and then is far less stressful than getting a worming tablet inside them!

That said, hairy treats should be given in addition to their worming tablets and not in place of them.

As well as cleaning the digestive system, fur aids in cleaning teeth by helping to eliminate harmful plaque and tartar buildup. And finally, the additional fibre in their diet will also help create firmer poos! Lovely!

So there you have it, whilst slightly off-putting to some of us humans, hairy, natural dog treats are great for your dog!