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Why grain-free

Why grain-free?

We have cultivated wheat for around 10,000 years, however, in the industrial era things changed.

First, we invented mechanical technologies to turn wheat into barren white flour.  Then, we invented chemical and genetic technologies to make it resistant to pests and drought and to make it easier to harvest, dramatically increasing yield per acre.

And, while we were tweaking genetics, we also figured out how to increase glutens for better baking properties. In other words, fluffier results!

Put another way, we have mutant seeds grown in synthetic soils and bathed in chemicals.

They ’re deconstructed, pulverized to fine dust, bleached and chemically treated to create barren industrial fillers that no other creature on the planet will eat.  And we wonder why it might be making us sick!

If the modern grains are making humans sick then surely they must be affecting our dogs too?

Grain-free dog foods have become a favourite for owners wishing to feed their pets a more natural diet. One that is closer to what their ancestors (wolves) ate.

As well as being a more natural diet for your pet, grain-free diets have their health benefits to.

Grains such as corn, wheat, rice and barley have been linked with pet allergies, with symptoms ranging from upset stomachs to itchy and flaky coats. Even if your pet has no allergies, these grains have virtually no nutritional value but they are present in most pet foods!

Compared to the average dry (kibble) and wet food, grain-free recipes typically contain more meat and easy-to-digest meat fats as quality protein sources. They also contain fewer carbohydrates, which given in excess are the most likely cause of weight issues, even more than fat!

Not only are grains like corn and wheat a common cause of canine allergies, but they are also more difficult for dogs to digest.

Grain-Free Ingredients

All our grain-free recipes are made from a wide variety of human-grade quality food, sourced from the finest farms and fisheries.

We know that providing dogs with highly nutritious, healthy and great tasting food will provide them with the best quality of life.

We also know that sourcing our ingredients directly from our farms and trusted sources provide a guarantee of the highest quality product.

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