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Why is fish an important part of your dog’s diet?

Most dogs love fish.

With its strong smell and flavour, dogs find fish a welcome and tasty ingredient. We often think that our dogs are purely meat-lovers, but fish is a quality source of digestible protein, vitamins D and B2 and minerals.

Depending on the type, fish can also provide omega-3 fatty acids which can be beneficial for your dog’s skin and coat and which, according to veterinarians, may have health benefits such as decreasing inflammation.

There are many varieties of fish that are good for dogs.


Salmon is seen as a premium fish and is rich in Omega-3, DHA, EPA, protein and B vitamins. It offers great support for everyday health and well-being.


Haddock is a popular fish of choice. It is high in B3 and B6 vitamins. Due to the overfishing of cod, haddock is seen as a responsible and sustainable choice of protein.

Blue Whiting

A North Atlantic native, blue whiting is a novel and sustainable catch rich in Omega 3 and nutrients which is a lean protein source.


Trout is naturally rich in Omega-3 in the form of EPA and DHA which help support the immune system, helping to improve skin and coat condition and contains anti-inflammatory properties which can help support the skin, joints and heart health.


Tuna is a good protein source which is highly digestible and palatable. It is also an excellent source of selenium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and potassium as well as vitamins B6 and B12.

Safe to say, fish is a tasty and beneficial part of your dog’s balanced diet.

All of our recipes have been formulated with the inclusion of ‘Omega- 3 supplement’ derived from fish oils.

Our fish oils are high quality, responsibly sourced premium oils that are rich in both EPA & DHA. Omega- 3 is added to help support healthy skin and coat, whilst also supporting cognitive and visual development.

If you having any questions relating to your dog’s diet, or if you would like to discuss how our food could potentially help your dog, please get in touch.